The project MUSA (MultiFunctional SemiAndrgynous interface) exploits the results and the knowledge acquired from SAM to realize a prototype of a novel small-size docking port, able to transmit power and information as well as perform fluid transfer.

The first prototype demonstrated the mechanical design of the semiandrogynous interface and the data transmission; a preliminary fluid interface was also realized.




MUSA interface is composed by four main parts:

  • the four petals, that can be opened and closed to perform the mating manoeuvre
  • the docking plate with refuelling and communication interfaces
  • the control subsystem with the electronics and the fluid control
  • the actuating mechanism with the motor and the cam system to command the petals movement

A linear actuator is mounted behind the docking interface, to push it after docking realizing the required preload to stiffen the joint and create the airtight seal.



  • Mechanism actuation test
  • Near Field Communication test
  • Fluid interface concept assessment



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